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The Saigon House is a Canadian-based international Import/Export Company located in Greater Vancouver. The Saigon House is a general trading company specialized in food ingredients/products trade and distribution with 15+ years of experience in this field.

The Saigon House is active in the development and implementation of international deals, export, import, sourcing, consultancy, feasibility study, market study, facilitating commercial exchange, and the management of efficient distribution networks within existing and new markets.

The Saigon House customers benefit from our vast knowledge of export/import procedures, shorter transit times, and reliable delivery. The Saigon House works very closely with the public and private sectors and whole sellers to foster trade relationships between various sources and our clients throughout the world.

The key to our success is sensitivity to local cultures, knowing the market, understanding of norms and business practices, and having a powerful business network in different industries.



Our team offering different types of high-quality services to existing and new clients. Business practices maintain honesty and integrity, we treat our business partners and clients with fairness and professionalism, develop the benefits and efficiencies of technology to our daily operation. We focus on our client satisfaction in order to build long-term relationships.


The Saigon House is structured to provide real benefits to the exporting/importing community. We act on your behalf with professionalism, experience, knowledge, and the best customer service commitment. The Saigon House can handle all types of international import/export deals from A to Z like feasibility study, market research, sourcing, negotiating, closing the deal, and shipment. If you require assistance in any steps of an international deal and finding the right commodity for trade, please feel free to contact us, we welcome any questions and inquiries.


The Saigon House offers consulting services to public and private sector clients. Our team members have 25+ years of experience in researching, feasibility studies, and consulting in various industries. We are specialized and have in-depth knowledge of the food industry, pharmaceuticals/beauty, and raw materials analysis/sourcing.


The Saigon House enjoys distribution coast to coast and border to border in order to serve our precious clients. During several years we have established our food and raw material distribution networks included manufacturing facilities, production lines, businesses, other distributors, restaurants, bakeries, nutrition stores, juice bars, chain stores, groceries, and stand-alone grocers. We are also able to enter new markets and help customers save money on the products they are currently purchasing. We have been representing certain companies overseas and locally for as long as our company has been doing business. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to present and distribute your products.

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